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Work Morning 5th April from News of the James Fanshawe: Racehorse Trainer website.

Work Morning 5th April

Posted on: 5th Apr 2017

SAM MISSILE nearest, MASTER ARCHER centre and SCOONES farside

After watching work on the Al Bahathri James rushed over town in his trusty very old blue van with two very noisy dogs and a very smelly one, to watch seven horses work on the Cambridge Road Polytrack.

We started off on the Al Bahathri where CAPE TO CUBA worked with LADY BERGAMOT and FLEUR FORSYTE who both had one run in the same race at the backend of last year. All are coming along nicely. Andrew Turner, LADY BERGAMOTS owner was out to watch her and would have had a good start to the day. KNIGHT OWL and ZEST came up together. KNIGHT OWL is really enjoying life at the moment and had sixteen year old Noah Barzg Carrell on board. When Noah leaves school in 2018 he is going to take his conditional licence out. ZEST was ridden by Geoffrey de LaSayette who has been steering Noah in the right direction and brings him to work in the morning during the school holidays. Noah and Geoffrey's son Benoit do a lot of pony racing together.

A quick dash over the other side of town to see HIGHER POWER (Tom Queally) and LORD GEORGE come up together. LORD GEORGE was ridden by Pierre Menard who now looks after him and rides him out everyday. George Wood looked after him last year until he was hardly ever here due to his riding commitments. Both looked very good. SAM MISSILE (Dan Muscutt) is enjoying life so much more this year and showed his well being with MASTER ARCHER(George Wood) who we are also very pleased with and also SCOONES who is coming along well. MOD a well named filly by Sixties Icon had a nice spin with ex Trip to Fame who is possibly going to be named GREAT WHITE SHARK. They are two unraced three year olds who had never been over to the Cambridge Road Polytrack before and looked to be striding along nicely.

Later in the morning Catherine Wills came to see AIRWAY, SYMBOL and INSURGENCE this morning. Freddy Tylicki and his mother Irene visited this morning with Edward Whitaker, the photographer who wanted to take some photos of him. It was great to get Freddy back into the yard and around the horses. Edward was off to Aintree after

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