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The Tin Man doubles up. from News of the James Fanshawe: Racehorse Trainer website.

The Tin Man Doubles Up.

Posted on: 24th Jul 2015

We like to forget THE TIN MAN'S first run as he behaved so badly which consequently necessitated his being castrated. since then he has done nothing wrong winning both his starts since. He belongs to a really fun group of people and runs under THE FRED ARCHER RACING banner. He is giving everyone a lot of fun at moment and hopefully it will continue. Tom Quealley loves this horse and reported back that he is improving all the time. His future looks exciting and set to give us more fun days in the future.

He is a very different looking horse to his half brother DEACON BLUES. He is a much bigger horse being sixteen hands high whereas DEACON BLUES was much smaller and compact. THE TIN MAN will get stronger all the time and is still very inexperienced.

It is such a thrill to have THE TIN MAN winning for FRED ARCHER RACING as we all have so much fun and everyone becomes friends over time. Quite a few people have had involvements at Pegasus Stables for quite a long time.

Tonight we have FRESH KINGDOM running at Newmarket. he has been such a funny horse as he arrived with two other horses at the end of his two year olds days in 2013. Out of the three he would have been the one you would have thought with the least amount of talent. He was very lazy and it was hard to get him to do much more than a hack canter but overtime he has pulled himself together and goes really nicely now. He always tries his hardest and always placed these days and has become a favourite in the yard.