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A SENSATIONAL WIN IN THE BREEDERS CUP FPR AUDARYA from News of the James Fanshawe: Racehorse Trainer website.


Posted on: 16th Nov 2020

AUDARYA Checking Out Her Winners Garland

Quite amazingly everything had gone very smoothly leading up to AUDARYA'S run in The Breeders Cup Fillies & Mare's. The only hitch had been when her Gp1 winning jockey Ioritz Mendezebal had tested positive for covid before leaving France. His agent is the same one as Pierre Charles Boudot and he suggested that as he did not have a ride in the race we put him up on AUDARYA which James was happy to do. It also meant that Ioritz could discuss the filly with him and fill him in on what she was like to ride.

She had done all her fast work at home before she left and did not do anything too strenuous while at Keenland. Adrian Beaumont of the International Racing Bureau, who with Max Pimlott had been a tremendous help all week had suggested on Thursday we take the filly up to the paddock to acclimatise her and ourselves with it so we knew what we were doing on Raceday. AUDARYA took everything in her stride all week and seemed to enjoy the different routine.

Saturday arrived and James went over to the barn, which was only about fifteen minutes from our hotel in the centre of Lexington, just to check all was well and to see her have her last lead out. She had her last vets check the previous evening and all was well. The next time we would see her would be when she was led up to the paddock to be saddled up.

We missed the early races but wanted to get to the Racecourse in time to see The Breeders Cup races and especially Glass Slippers. By this time we were both getting quite nervous. We shouted like mad for Glass Slippers who duly went and won well in The Breeders Cup Sprint. It was so good to see Kevin Ryan and The Holdcrofts win the race. We just had the Breeders Cup Dirt Mile now before our race.

It seemed like an eternity before the horses suddenly came in to view having been led up from the quarantine barn. There was no going into the weighing room to collect your saddle as someone brought it out the saddling boxes which was very handy. James saddled AUDARYA and was then asked to do an interview with Nick Luck which left Helen & Geoffroy to put her tongue tie on. They are both quite small and AUDARYA was very angry and kept putting her head in the air which didn't help matters any way they got it on and we were away. The parade ring had a lot of trees and in order to social distance two horses were allocated an area around each tree to walk around. The next thing the jockeys arrived. I asked Pierre Charles if he had ever ridden at Keenland before and he said not and he also had never sat on the filly before.

James and I had been allocated a little box on the first floor where we could see everything. We knew the 11 draw was not great but couldn't do anything about it. The gates opened and the jockey in stall 1 fell off. Before the first bend just past the stands Pierre Charles had got in to a superb position on the rails just behind the leaders. One of the reasons James sent the filly out to The Breeders Cup was that he knew she would get a good pace which had been lacking in AUDARYA'S last race the Prix de L'Opera. It was a really fast pace and it suited her down to the ground. It looked as if she was off the bridle coming round the last bend but Pierre Charles said it was more the tight bend and once he got her into the straight she flew. It looked tough getting past Rushing Falls who was a 6 times Gp1 winner and a Champion in America and racing on her favourite track but we knew that AUDARYA was just as tough and always wants to win which I am pleased to say she did get up to win by a neck. It was quite an amazing ride by Pierre Charle Boudot and shows what a world class jockey he is. The move from an outside draw to the rails so early in the race must have been what won the race plus having such willing participant underneath.

The euphoria James and I felt was something you dream about. We had won lots of Gp1's (22 in all) and every one of them meant a huge amount to us but to take the filly to the United Staes and to win a Breeders Cup Race was something else. Obviously James sent AUDARYA to the Breeders Cup as he felt she was good enough and had the class for it but everyone else thinks the same about their horses. The prize giving and the interviews were a blur and you just hope you didn't say anything too silly.

It was good to be able to go and celebrate with Nigel Tinkler and his owners, Jamie Piggott, Tom Eaves and some people I hadn't met before but were really good fun. James went back to the barn to make sure the filly was okay which she was and was more interested in her winners garland hanging over her door than anything else.

James and I went to see her on Sunday morning and you would not have know she had a race the previous day. She looked great and trotted up better than ever. We left on that afternoon to come home. She didn't have such an easy journey as us. Her journey started at 2am on Tuesday morning (US time) when she had a six/seven hour journey to Chicago on a horse box followed by the afternoon on the ground in a pen. They were late leaving Chicago as there were some thunder storms. She with the other British horses then flew to Prestwick in Scotland. They were held up for several hours as DEFRA hadn't got a photocopier to copy the paperwork. A man was sent off to get one who then had a crash!!. The poor horses were stuck in Prestwick for several hours before they could head home. She finally arrived home at 9.30pm on Wednesday. Amazingly with the race and the journey she had only lost 10 kilos which is remarkable.

She is now off for a well earned holiday and we are looking forward to the day when we can celebrate this fantastic win and hope it will be in 2020 and not 2021. Alison Swinburn has decided she would like to continue to race her in 2021 and would probably love to head to Del Mar where next years Breeders Cup will be held.

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