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A Big Weekend Winner

Posted on: 10th Apr 2017

We had a two legged winner on Sunday when Tom Fanshawe completed the Paris Marathon in 3hrs 35mins. It was very tough going as it was very hot and he was in a lot of pain by the time he went over the finishing line. We saw him at 25kms and thought he looked okay but he said that he was already having trouble but he slogged it out for another 17.5kms to finish his first and possibly his last marathon. Freddy Tylicki had flown over to support Tom as he was running for his fund. Irene his mother was another supporter as was James's sister Rose Armstrong who just happened to be in Paris on Saturday night.

James and I had a pretty fraught train trip out to Paris. Our first train was delayed and then when checking our Eurostar tickets on the way to London found they were for the wrong train which had already left which meant buying two more incredibly expensive tickets. It was worth it to be with Tom when completing a marathon.

Tom was in a quite a lot of pain after the race but he was very lucky that Rose was staying in a nice hotel with a very good spa which he spent the afternoon in.

It was a tremendous weekend that was the culmination of a lot of hard work on Toms behalf. He had trained all on his own throughout the winter, after work most of the time, when it was cold and dark. He is having this week off with a bit of sun in the South of France.

Tom Queally is taking over from Tom on THE TIN MAN this week.

James worked his horses on The Al Bahathri on Saturday. They all looked to be going pretty well. I am very pleased with PTARMIGAN RIDGE who had his problems last year but is coming on in leaps and bounds with every piece of work. NOBLE STAR looked a bit woolly a few weeks ago but is bouncing back well. MAGICAL DREAMER is coming along as is COLONIAL CLASSIC. The unraced SYMBOL is not an elaborate worker but is always staying on in her work and will come on for a race. ARTHENUS is going nicely. THE TIN MAN had a nice spin and was nice and relaxed.

It would be nice to see some rain as already the ground is firm enough. We do run MASTER ARCHER today who would like some give in the ground but it should be good ground as it is Windsors first meeting of the year.

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