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We are in Lockdown.

Posted on: 8th Feb 2019

The BHA has put us in Lock down due to the fact that the MERCHANT OF VENICE ran at Newcastle where I believe they have had a positive case of Equine Flu the stables have been put in Lock down. All the horses have had swabs this evening and we hope that we will be cleared asap. We are able to take our horses out after 12.30pm but tomorrow we are trotting them on our ring here. We cant expect our staff to go take three lots out on a Saturday after 12.30. It is absolutely the right thing to do to try and stamp this flu out as quickly as possible. I suspec tomorrow if yards send their horses out there will be more after 12.30 than before.

If it doesn't last for very long it wont be too much of aproblem but if it continues for several weeks it might be. The staff will probably be quite pleased as they should get away quite early tomorrow with a bit of luck. It must be much more of a worry to the yards with Cheltenham runners although most of them have their own yards and gallops.