THE TIN MAN to Face Nine Opponents from News of the James Fanshawe: Racehorse Trainer website.

THE TIN MAN to Face Nine Opponents

Posted on: 13th Jul 2017

THE TIN MAN faces nine other horses in The July Cup on Saturday. He is drawn away from the other good horses in stall 10. Limato is in 1 and Carvaggio in 2. I do not think we are too worried where he is drawn as he always seems to be drawn away from the good horses. Tom and THE TIN MAN will just get on to do their own thing like they always do. It is a completely different course to anything he has run on before so we will just have to see how he manages the undulations. he looks great and has done all his work as normal without over exerting himself. We would probably worry if he started showing us too much at home. We are all looking forward to running him on Saturday.