DISAPPOINTING HONG KONG ADVENTURER from News of the James Fanshawe: Racehorse Trainer website.


Posted on: 12th Dec 2017

What we had envisaged to be an exciting adventure to Hong Kong turned into a disappointing trip to Hong Kong when THE TIN MAN had to be withdrawn from The Sprint earlier in the week. Unfortunately THE TIN MAN did not have a good journey which lasted twenty six hours. He had a temperature on his arrival which is not out of the ordinary but it got progressively worse and the vets were unable to give him the stronger drugs he needed until James arrived. James took the decision immediately that he should be withdrawn which the Hong Kong vets were relieved about as it meant that they could give him the drugs he needed. Poor old boy was a pretty sick horse. Although he cannot return with the other British horses today (Tuesday 12th) we are hoping that he will be okay to travel back home on the 18th.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club and their Vets have been absolutely fantastic and THE TIN MAN could not have been looked after better. He had whatever drugs he needed to get him better. Helen Halliwell and Tom Fanshawe are still out there with him and they say he is much brighter and they are beginning to see the old TIN MAN. After today there will not be many horses left in the Quarantine Area and he might get ridden around the sand ring there. He will only be walked and possibly have a trot but I think he is beginning to get a bit fresh.