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Cold & Bleak

Posted on: 3rd Jan 2018

The poor lads and lasses had to dig deep when riding out between hristmas and New Year. We had to endure some of the nastiest wether I remember for a long time. Ac ouple of days they had to go out in horrible torrential rain and freezing cold temperatures. They were all brilliant and as far as I know did not complain.

We are thrilled to have THE TIN MAN back from Hong Kong and so good to see his head over his stable door again. He was really very poorly and it is a testament to teh Hong Kong vets who did such a good job making him well again. As he had such a nasty bout of peneumonia it is important not to put any pressure on his lungs and consequently eh will not be ridden until the begining of February at the earliest. It was a very sad to pass his box and see it emprty and not to see his head over the door.

Tom Fanshawe is well ensconced in Australia and is doing well. He is riding seven horses out every morning. He says that it is very different to what he is used to but he is learning and enjoying it. He is off to The Magic Millions Yearling Sales next week which should be fun for him.