Pegasus Stables

James Fanshawe feels he is very lucky to be training from such a beautiful yard as Pegasus Stables.

Each morning the horses collect on an attractive privet enclosed woodchip ride. James watches the horses to make sure that they are sound before embarking for The Heath.

Built at the end of the nineteenth century the boxes have great ventilation, which is something that James feels is very important. The original White Yard, was not up to the standard of the rest of the yard,  was soon demolished after the Fanshawes moved in. It was re built to the same specifications as the ones built nearly one hundred and twenty years before. In July 2014 the new seventeen box Falmouth Yard was completed. In all there are five yards in varying sizes giving a total of 74 boxes. 

We have a horse walker and turn out paddocks. Everyday from about April onwards the horses have a pick of grass when they come in from exercise for 15 minutes. The horses that have just have run are turned out the day after. A lot of the fillies and geldings get turned out during evening stables if the weather is nice.

When the yearlings start to arrive in the autumn we have an excellent covered lunge pit which we use when breaking them in.

The best facility we have is the tranquil environment. Once the horses are back in their box after exercise they relax from the peaceful atmosphere.

Jockey Club Estates own and manage the fifty miles of turf gallops and fourteen miles of artificial canters which we have full access to. Newmarket is renowned the world over for being one of the best places in the world to train horses.

Newmarket is world renowned for its veterinary facilities. James has always had an excellent relationship with The Newmarket Equine Hospital and especially Simon Waterhouse who has been doing the main veterinary work at Pegasus for fifteen years.