Back in September 1988 it was love at first sight...

As an enthusiastic assistant trainer to Sir Michael Stoute, I walked through the gates of a Newmarket yard whose lease had just become available, I was struck by the coup de foudre of Pegasus Stables. On securing a seven year tenure, Jacko and I moved in later that year and, fortunately I managed to buy the yard in 1993.

Built in 1884 by champion jockey Fred Archer it would be structurally and financially impossible to improve on the main stable block’s original design and after a long period of being leased out the yard had become rather tired and in need of some tender loving care and plenty of investment. My aim has always been gradually to restore the property to its former glory so that Fred Archer, should he ever call, would still be proud of his creation (they say his ghost is still around though I have not seen it since I gave up drinking!). Another ambition is to have all the boxes filled with horses good enough for the great man to ride, should he ever make a comeback.

Over the past twenty seven years, thanks to the efforts of my staff, my owners, their fast horses and Barclays Bank, not to mention my late Grandmother who financed the renovation of the central clock tower, we have restored much of Fred’s original stable block. Including a complete refurbishment of The Fillies Yard, the stables are now well ventilated as well as renewing much of the interior of the old yards. In 2014 we completed a new seventeen box yard named The Falmouth Yard after Fred Archer's original name. It was renamed Pegasus Stables in the 1960's. 

The west side of the yard is bordered by a five acre paddock which we have fenced into one large and nine small turn out paddocks, where after excercise the horses each have a good pick of grass.

I hope the website gives you a feel for and an insight into the way Pegasus Stables is run, those who run it and the success it has produced. Jacko, Tom and I are lucky to be here, I only wish that Fred was too!